of a strategy

is the top challenge for companies to succeed in data and analytics. We believe in the gradual process of moving companies from outdated/irrelevant siloed suboptimal decision-based, to actionable business intelligence processes. 

At Insighter,

our clients business transformation is always aligned with their overall vision.

Our Services

Health Care

We deliver the results necessary to help our clients deliver outstanding patient care as well as the business operational excellence to lead in their prospective markets.


Get to the core of things and let us assist you with building up a continuous/consistent Data Strategy that will scale up your organization to reach your vision.

Business Intelligence

Reporting alone is not enough! It’s time for us to enable you with smart and agile reporting to maximize and optimize your business.


Ever thought of a collaborative center of excellence for enhanced communication, integration, and automation of internal data flows. We’ll work with you to define your DataOps best practices.

Our Trusted Clients